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In the beginning...

Linda J. worked as a journalist, editor and writer focusing on music and video recording and production technologies. Those gigs started immediately after she received a BS in journalism from Boston University in 1980. In 1982 she moved to San Francisco and continued writing about these technologies for magazines and manufacturers. By 1988 she also was involved with the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (the Grammy people), serving on the SF/NARAS chapter's Board of Governors, producing events and seminars, and writing and publishing the chapter newsletter.

Then suddenly...

In 1988, Linda J. was working part-time as an editor for *Mix: The Recording Industry Magazine*, for whom she edited a special edition called *HyperMedia* (which later became *NewMedia*). That's when she first learned about virtual reality, and viewed it as the future of the arts, computing and communications.

She went on to write many articles and technical documentation about emerging technologies, produce books (*CyberArts: Editing Art & Technology*, published by Miller-Freeman in '92, and *Garage Virtual Reality*, published by Sams/Macmillan in '94), co-found a non-profit organization (Virtual Reality Education Foundation, a.k.a. VeRGe), perform as a virtual ventriloquist (with the musical multimedia ensemble, D'Cuckoo), and work for Silicon Graphics as the company's (and the industry's) first Virtual Reality Evangelist.

And finally...

Linda J. continues her fun as a writer, speaker, educator, and performer. She knows that if she does her job right, she won't have an "Evangelist" job anymore, because this thing called "virtual reality" will have become a normal, standard way of interacting with 3D computer graphics.

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