laura lemay

web technician

In the beginning...

I was an overworked technical writer, writing manuals for various silicon valley software companies and not having a lot of fun doing it. For fun I was hanging out on the Internet, which, at the time was a small and cozy place, and it was there that I first discovered the World Wide Web.

Then suddenly...

I was struck with the compulsion to write a book. After discovering that most of the good ideas were taken, I finally managed to write a book about HTML, called "Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week", which was published by Sams.Net, would eventually become a best-seller and allow me to quit my job and work as a freelance writer. This is a lot more fun than writing manuals.

And finally...

in the time since that first book, I've written a number of other books on HTML and Java, and am series editor for the Laura Lemay's Web Workshop series of books. I also write a monthly column for Web Techniques magazine, and am working on a book about Marimba Castanet. In my spare time (ha!) I collect and putter with non-running motorcycles.

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