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In the beginning... was the east coast. Take after Odysseus, call Ithaca home. Couple of colleges and a stint as a commercial artist. Discover I'm not very good at the commercial part. Comix and wanderlust.

Then suddenly...

...California! Follow the siren song to live on the left coast only to discover the Pacific is anything but. Start off as a temp; food and shelter compliments of the increasingly prevalent binary beasts. Feed 'em punched cards and they'll inform you. (Careful though, they'll also form you.) Then new tools--the marvelous PC minibeasts emerge and open a window to my roots in graphics so I'll ply those waters a while. More comix.

And finally...

...the tools take over, just too fascinating for me in and of themselves. ("Stop staring at the oar, Patton, and get it back in the water.") More than just the tools, though. It's the world entranced by its own explosive growth and creativity. How do new tools make their way into the world at large? How does society define overload? How does society draw the constantly shifting line between cacophony and music? Spend most of my time these days immersed in overload. Looking for company, though. And more comix.

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