[Image] [Image] justin hall "keeper of the vision" - abbe don In the beginning... was a boy in a blanket in the cold cold chicago [Image] winter when there was thunder, he was on the roof waiting for lightening when there was homework due, he was on computers waiting for downloads and information space Then suddenly... in a swarthmore student lounge littered with plastic cuplids stamped with cigarette butts, he was reading the tail end of his new york times subscription, and read that very thing that rendered newsprint black fingers obsolete, john markoff wrote about mosaic and the web and a new information space And finally... in rooms with drawers, and rooms on wheels, in states above and below the mason dixon line, he toiled to make a portion of that information space reflect his brain. daily, diddley, did he toil, oh lordy he toil. he toil 'til his hands done near broke and that toil done strain his relationships. and that toil done make him work, done found him job excuse to pontificate for groups to extend his need for attention to national media, international glowing bodies of colour light and glass and some done take example from this toil, like making self online certainly young rheingold found some excitement therein and so was he a first eminds employee or consultant, back in 1995 finally brought full on board as a goading webwise friend who just recently realized that highest use of these powers; company resources and other electric minds to make a new form of pedagogy, at first centered around technology but like a door ajar, waiting for the edgy push of new students, students who can use computers to mirror and pool their own information spaces. that's why he's here - to encourage howard's rabbinical instincts. and cuz the other people are rabbis in their own right. and cuz it shure beats skool. photo by Marcellus Amatangelo electric minds | virtual community center | world wide jam | edge tech | tomorrow | conversations Any questions? We have answers. 1996, 1997 electric minds, all rights reserved worldwide. electric minds and the electric minds logo are trademarks of electric minds online information system by Leverage