jennifer long

visual design

In the beginning...

While I was working for Pentagram Design, New York, Oprah Winfrey chose my design for her television show identity. Obviously, this wasn't the beginning of my career. But it was the breakthrough I needed to really establish myself in the business and design communities.

Then suddenly...

January 1991. I was flying from Amsterdam to Bangkok on a photo shoot for IBM. At 1 a.m., my plane flew over the United Arab Emirates--one hour after the Persian Gulf War had broken out.

Later, we flew from Bombay to Moscow, arriving just in time to witness the first Perestroika-era march on Red Square. A hundred thousand people had gathered, mingling with cautious determination, holding their signs and expressing their political views perhaps for the first time.

Not long afterward, I took my own small step toward independence. I left the "working for others" world and launched my own design business in San Francisco.

And finally...

The Internet. Another new beginning. Another global adventure with unlimited possibilities. Another chance to break through with exciting concepts and great design.

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