jen bekman

director of community development / cruise director

In the beginning...

0-26 in nyc high school on east 15th. the same school as my grandfather, my father, thelonious monk and my future co-conspirator at new york online, omar wasow city college on the upper east side a happy home in the east village a few years as a switchboard operator at a glam manhattan hotel, knowing i was too damn smart for my job, but loving the surreal retro aspects and all the crazy stories that the environment spawned a fortuitous tumble into an entry level multimedia job a more fortuitous collision with the above mentioned omar at a digital event at the kitchen a year and a half spent as the cruise director of new york online, a first class bbs that hums along from a mac in a lovely brooklyn brownstone through it all music, writing and good friends kept me going and taught me much.
Then suddenly...

a hastily planned trip to san francisco, a city that haunted my imagination for many years.
a lunch in south park with friends from my virtual world who, in real life, showed me the real way to eat a burrito. (it's not with a fork and knife)
tears as i walked through oakland airport, heading back to nyc knowing that everything was different in a way that things had never been different for me before.
a one way ticket JFK---->Oakland

And finally...

i am all new and everything i do, i am doing for the first time.
a flat in the mission.
a need to learn how to drive.
a most fortuitous chain of events leading me to electric minds, where i can build on my dream of making online communities that work.

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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