derek m. powazek

edge tech producer

In the beginning...

... there was

There I was, in the tech office of UC Santa Cruz, after being dragged in by someone I hardly knew, being asked by the disinterested woman behind the counter:

"What do you want your login to be?"

"Login? Ummm ... Derek, I guess."

Chris, the guy I hardly knew who was forcing me online before it was cool, leaned over to me and whispered:

"Nobody uses their real name."


"It's uncool."


So, there, in the heat of the moment, I became floyd. A new person in a new world.

Then suddenly...

... there was

My first real job out of school. I was stoked. For awhile. I learned many things. About html. About the web. About myself. About who I was and what I needed out of a job.

And finally...

... there is

My personal project, that gives me the hope I need to get by.

... there is

The job that gives me hope for this industry.

... there is

When I feel like just being myself.

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