david loebell

cyberspace anthropologist

In the beginning...

there were graham crackers. Soon after, David Loebell discovered computers, and the world has never been the same. His life as a geek began at the age of eight, when he programmed in BASIC on a VIC-20, and his cousin Jill referred to him as a turkey-faced gock.

Then suddenly...

life was no longer so simple. In the days since graham crackers, David has filled the many roles of BBS addict, elementary, high school, and college student, library worker, coffeehouse manager, concert producer, video-captioner, avid reader, multimedia designer and monkeyboy.

And finally...

today's David has no time for graham crackers. In between writing reviews for Electric Minds, working in Central High School's library, writing resumes, and teaching basic computing, David fits in classes in a Science Education program at Temple University. Although he is a denizen of the global village, he lives in Philadelphia with his girlfriend Pam and his cat Josey. His cousin Jill, now his boss at the Virtual Community Center, still considers him a turkey-faced gock.

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