chip clofine

integration and entomology

In the beginning...

There was a sheltered young middle-class boy from the Main Line of Philadelphia. This boy knew not about the world, the web, wisdom, or naught. He did know how to make a mean bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Then suddenly...

By the miracles he bestowed upon himself in the forms of psychedelic music, neurochemical self-management, altered states of being and playing hookey, he upped and moved to California. He spent the next decade or more spanning the globe in search of himself only to realize he had yet to look in a mirror. Upon grokking that the world was so small and large at the same time and realizing that the truth is in the paradox, he found himself deeply entangled in the task of building the house of cards which we now fondly know of as Modern Technology. He never ate a Frosted Flake again!

And finally...

With the world at his fingertips and the universe on his mind, this once-sheltered lad will spend the rest of his life in quest of the perfect bowl of cereal.

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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