brooks mcchesney

video producer

In the beginning...

In the beginning I admit it is true
But the life of the law I did eschew
Liking neither quarrells nor wars
Urged by Odins and Thors
I felt that that life would not do.

The tone of my briefs was empirical
Cautious, well-guarded but satirical
Under the court's scrutiny
Neither sloppy nor free
But strongly melodical and lyrical

Then suddenly...

Then suddenly in grand operatic manner
With the force of Vulcan's hammer
As I strode the silent hall
I heard the Muse call
To the chorus of multimedia's clamor

Vibrato waxed gold in my throat
Astonished by each clever note
I'd sing every day
There is a new way
As I mastered Interactive by rote.

And finally...

Then on a day both tender and sweet
My intro to Minds was a treat
Around their wild shows
I'd produce videos
Feeling their jam down to my feet.

Friends asked if I'd seen an audition
And I replied on 1 condition
Though it seems quite absurd
I would savor each word
In the grand Rheingoldian tradition

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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