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In the beginning...

It all started in a little hospital in a little auto town somewhere in Michigan. It was said that my mother was ill when I first saw light and I was rushed out of the delivery room to avoid infection. It just so happens the first eyes to make contact with mine were the eyes of an Advertising Director, my father. Since I was the only son of four that had his dark hair and dark eyes I believe his first thought was ahhh!! could this be the one. Could this be the one to follow in my career footsteps.
I had no choice, I was selected.

Then suddenly...

Then suddenly there I was years later smack dab in the middle of a world of advertising. First trade shows-creating, designing, publishing-target markets, cpms, BPA's, ABC's, revenues, revenues, revenues.......One day that whole world would change. A new advertising medium would emerge, it would only be a click away. It would not feed off dead wood. As a matter a fact we could leave the tree's standing. Publishing on the Internet began and I was fortunate enough to be included as a member of the team to launch the worlds first cyberpublishing advertising supported site.
I had no choice, I was selected

And finally...

And finally it happened. There was one special member of that cyberpublising team, a man in bright clothing, a man with passion, a man with vision, a man named Howard Rheingold who knew the future wasn't just cyberpublishing but instead cybercommunications. So off he fled to follow his cybercommunication dream. I missed the man in bright clothes.

So I too went off to other ventures on a mission to legitimize Internet advertising and prove there's money in the Web. It worked. People heard of my work and I found myself in a Palo Alto dinette with a couple of electric minds, John McCoy and Randy Haykin. They electrified my mind and took me to their leader. I found my friend in bright clothing. His dream Cybercommunications had become a reality, Electric Minds.

Ah hah Howard and I said, is it possible advertising banners can communicate. You'll see they do. Try it, click on the picture on an Electric Minds advertising banner and meet the brilliant people behind the companies.

My future. Well as I see it, spending my life with my loving family and occasionally jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to create a new world of advertising. I have no choice. I was selected.

PS. If your walking the street and spot a man dressed from head to toe in bright clothing, take the time to say hello to a friend with a vision.

photo by Marcellus Amatangelo

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