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Jon Lebkowsky has been soaking in online culture and community for over a decade. He's served as community host/moderator for the WELL, Electric Minds, and HotWired. As co-founder and former CEO of FringeWare, Inc., he was a pioneer in electronic commerce and its relationship to online community, a concept he carried forward as Online Community Director for He's also a seasoned technical project manager and analyst, and a professional writer published in Wired Magazine, Whole Earth Review, The Austin Chronicle, 21C, Factsheet Five, Mondo 2000, Mindjack (where he's on the board of advisors) and others. As President of EFF-Austin, he was actively involved in 'net access and privacy issues, experience which informs his expertise with end-user privacy and security issues. Originally from Austin, Texas, Jon is currently living in Boulder, Colorado.
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