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Stephanie Gerson is a social media experience designer.  She received a B.A. from Stanford in Science, Technology, and Society with a self-designed concentration in Experience Design, after which she worked professionally in interactive art and education.  Most recently, she received an M.S. from UC Berkeley with a master's thesis about the emergence of technology-enabled collectively intelligent consumer behavior, a phenomenon she refers to as "peer consumption."

Stephanie blogs on Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs, The Long Now Foundation's Long Views, and the Berkeley Art Museum's DMAX, along with shower in the dark, her own personal blog.  She also does video production for Howard Rheingold's Vlog, and is in the process of launching a multimedia reality Love vlog (reality TV meets webTV meets lifecasting meets Love, kinda).  She conceived of and produces The Graduates, a weekly radio show on KALX, which she podcasts on iTunes U and Garageband. Under the alias Sequoia Hax, she built exhibits for the Splo, the San Francisco Exploratorium's virtual museum in Second Life, and co-produced the Second Life Eco Tour, a machinima on environmental and governance-oriented projects in the virtual word, for the Serious Games Initiative of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

She Loves getting creative at the intersection of people, technology, and oftentimes food.  A video-dining experience she choreographed on Valentine's Day got picked up by WIRED, and although the event was small-scale, it gives a flavor of what she means by social media experience design.  That said, she needs to elaborate a more palatable (and shorter) term for describing what she does.  Or better yet, a way to describe it with no words at all.

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