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Peter Feltham, educated as a chemist, but switched to computing in the pioneering days, brings a long career in the computing industry. His roles have ranged from programmer to Chief Executive, in all kinds of industries and institutions. He has lectured on topics ranging from GroupWare to the future rôle of the European institutions in a knowledge-based society.

Peter was one of the team that wrote the Bangemman Report- a mold-breaking document written by industry as a cri du coeur to the EEC. This document had a large impact as an instrument of change, and he was retained by the EEC as a consultant and project director.

He has facilitated online forums at the WeLL, the River, Electric Minds, and Brainstorms -- and built many more for customers including the World Technology Network, Bright and British Airways.

Peter's current research interests include: the use of Virtual Communities as productive business toolsets; the emerging mobile-telephony/internet market sector, where he has already achieved some world firsts together with his partners; and the ASP (Application Server Provider) market sector - as a means to provide high-cost solutions on a rental basis to customers.

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