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Ruth Cox, Ph.D., has been building sustainable online communities as an online community facilitator/organizer for 9 years, primarily on the Meta Network. She has concentrated on the use of Caucus virtual communication tools in the design and creation of virtual learning communities such as the LINK Program: Learning in Networked Knowing, for the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Her work involves the design and creation of online conferences, adaptation or original design of curriculum or organizational programming for online delivery, creation and customized editing of Caucus user manuals, hands-on computer lab trainings, technical and user support, trainings in online facilitation for those interested in creating online community for any purpose.

Most recently she been working with Caucus (and Willi Paul) as the coordinator of the cyber conference "Cultivating Connections" for the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, Oct. 17-Nov.7, 1999.

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