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Guilermo Cerceau (Agrentina, 1957) is a Venezuelan consultant specialized in the design of digital processes, products and services for business and public entities, as well as for NGOs and non profit organizations. He has worked for twenty years in the corporate world, first as independent consultant and then, at KPMG, for almost 11 years, where he reached the position of CIO for Venezuela. He started, together with fellow "big five" workers, Ocean Consulting, C.A., where he is a Senior Partner. Guillermo has taught at IESA (Venezuela's Business Graduate School), has written for major newspapers in Venezuela, lectured extensively at several universities and business organizations, and has also led a literary career, publishing several books of short essays and poetry. He is a member of the ACM, a founding member of Venezuelan Chamber of e-Commerce, and advisor to the Secretary of Education of Carabobo State. He lives in Belgium and works mostly "online".

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