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Chris Abraham is an Washington-based IT Consultant who has been focused on developing Virtual Online Events and Communities of Practice since 1993. Chris taught one of the first accredited distance-learning high school courses, in creative writing, to over 60 students who logged in from Kalamazoo, MI, and vicinity -- EFA. Chris worked at Caucus Systems as a Linux SA after having spent much of the 90s developing web sites, including sites for Proxicom, The Treasury Department, Pacific Rim Productions, Shadow Conventions, and others. His skills include HTML, JavaScript, Zope, PHP4, MySQL, Site Architecture and usability requirements.

Chris has been facilitating Virtual Online Communities since 1993 when he became a member of ArtsWire and then The Meta Network, the Well, and finally Brainstorms. In 1999, Chris launched his own full-featured virtual community named MemeSpace. MemeSpace has a membership of over 800 'memebers' and is open, free, self-supported, and self-supporting. Chris also runs, Memes.ORG, The Caffeinated Magazine, as well as working in a support role to Frank Burns' The New MetaNet. As an employee of Caucus Systems, Inc, Chris has been hosting Professional Virtual Events since 1999, and has been working at a organizer for Virtual Civic Net 1998 and 1999. Before the internet, Chris was (and still is) a professional photographer. He still shoots editorial and travel stock photography for The Stock Market Photo Agency.

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